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Physicians hone their job search strategies

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Posted June 17, 2013

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Surveys have found that doctors are growing more comfortable with the idea of being employed rather than being in private practice, and that physician turnover in the marketplace is on the rise. That means a lot of doctors are job hunting. But are they going about it the right way?

American Medical News has written numerous articles that provide tips to job-seeking physicians, so that they can find the positions they want — and make sure that where they think they want to work is actually where they want to be.

Physician career moves: List before you leap

Using a priority checklist can help save doctors a lot of time, money and heartache when it comes to choosing a work situation. But writing the list is only the first move in a four-step process that can ensure that physicians are where they want to be.

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Physician job search: Showcase your teamwork

Whether a doctor gets the job he or she wants might come down to one question: Are you a team player? That is being asked of physicians more often in job interviews as concepts such as patient-centered medical homes and accountable care organizations take hold.

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How mobile devices can help a physician land a job

One of the most effective tools doctors can have in an employment search is a smartphone or tablet. The growth of mobile job alerts, employment apps and other tools can help a physician speed up the job-hunting process.

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